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Frequently asked questions (FAQ'S)

Are Airline Tickets included in our prices? + Our Prices DO NOT include international tickets.
What about the visas? Insurance? + We DO Not apply for Visa and we do not deal with any supporting office. Your visa is totally your responsibility. You will be responsible for arranging your insurance.It is compulsory to have the right Insurance on all of our trips. and you will be fully responsible on all risk that may happens and occur. We are very happy to send you some recommendations
Can You arrange a private trip for my friends and family? + Of course, we can organise any trip with no minimum number of people! If you want to join us alone, or with your friends and family, we can surely customise something very special and unique for you.
What Type of clothes should you pack? + Always pack lightly. We highly recommend you pack adventure style clothing.
Do You Have an age limit or age restriction? + Based on the Law, Our trips are open for all ages over 18+. However if you are accompanied by a parent or family member, you are welcomed to join us anytime.
Can i join on a trip late or leave early? + Most cases you cannot arrive late but you can leave early. However, we will always assist you in your requirements. Please note that all extra costs of transportation and arrangements for late or early arrival/departures are covered by you.
Can you help me arrange an extended hotel stay or an early hotel arrival? + Yes for sure we will be happy to arrange an extended planned route wether its before our group trip or after. All you have to do is ask us and we can for sure arrange something vey appropriate for you.
Who will guide us? + You will have a tour guide in which will provide all guidelines and suggestions
If someone want only a tour guide and hotel arrangement and car? + We do not offer only those, we offer a fully package which includes:
Did you offer packages for countries rather than Norway? + For now, we offer only to Norway.

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