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Refund and Cancellation

  • Lofoten Adventure Explorers is not responsible for costs (for example; nonrefundable airlines tickets, visa expenses, etc.) cancelation of a trip caused by trip members, without consideration of what is the cancellation reason, or for any extra costs should the trip members have set out or returned before or after any planned date.
  • Lofoten Adventure Explorers is not responsible for any extra costs caused to any delay from the decision of trip participants. Extra unscheduled services are excluded from the overall cost and will be charged from member’s credit card.
  • Lofoten Adventure Explorers have the authority to cancel (as per the above conditions) or to change the tour dates because of such acts (for example war, terrorism, etc) or the forces of nature beyond the control of the explorers.
  • Early Departures: No refunds will be given for members leaving a trip by personal decision, or by bearing of the guide. Participants will be responsible for any services that are out of the plan, for example, airline tickets costs.
  • CHANGES: Lofoten adventure do not have the control on route changes due to nature forces. Route changes will dependably be at the responsibility of the guide. No refunds will be provided in case of any schedule change or route change.
  • Delay: Lofoten adventure Explorers can't be in charge of any delay or Postponement in transportation at any time., however we are not responsible of any extra costs that may appear for any reason.
  • Individual’s responsibilities: Trip individuals are in charge of the extra expenses. insurance, which includes crisis,emergencies, is recommended. Our Explorers is not responsible for loss, damage, theft or delayed delivery. But they will take care of your baggage and properties . Lofoten Explorers acts as an agent for the accommodations transport, and services of the company supplying this trip.
  • The client should buy trip insurance, if client isn't capable or willing to assume the risks, the client should purchase trip insurance.
Trip Cancellation: Lofoten Explorers reserves the right to cancel any trip due to insufficient or incomplete sign ups, in which case, the paid amount can be used as credit for another Lofoten trip. NOTE: Different payment terms and cancellation policies may vary for specific destinations and trips . Please refer to the invoice for further details. (to be reviewed)

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